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Aromer ® is an elastomer coated fabric designed by Colmant Coated Fabrics.

Formulated from innovative polymers, Aromer® is resistant to lubricating oils, fuels and hydrocarbons.

Aromer ® does not alter or degrade the contents in prolonged contact.

It is intended for the manufacture of tanks for the storage or transport of

  • aviation fuels,
  • highly aromatic fuels, …

These rubber coated fabrics are currently used in high or low temperature climatic conditions in various regions of the world.

Aromer® technical fabrics are highly flexible, soft, bend resistant and ozone resistant.

Aromer ® products are available in sheets or with a raw or vulcanized fabric insert in the following thicknesses:

RAW (range mm)VULCANIZED (range mm)
Rubber sheet0,7 – 20,7 – 15
Coated fabric0,7 – 41,5 – 15

Our design office can produce custom fabrics (polyester, polyamide, aramid, anilox or pull cord) to meet your mechanical requirements (from 100 dAN to 6200 dAN).

We can formulate our fabrics especially to resist UV, ozone, aging or other environmental constraints…


Examples of applications with Aromer® coated fabrics :
  • Flexible tanks on board of air
  • terrestrial or see vehicles
  • armored vehicles
  • flexible fuel tanks homologated to FIA
  • fuel bladders or anti-crash bladders
  • floating bladders
  • open tanks
  • automatic vacuum pockets
  • degassing membranes
  • inflatable flexible shutters
  • inflatable cylinders and seals
  • retention basins
  • gasometers
  • ballast pockets
  • flexible bladders
  • lifting bags
  • Protective covers…

*These coated fabrics are used by the French Army and mainly in aeronautics.