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In 1895 Mr. Flinois and Mr. Colmant built a partnership for the production of technical textile made belts in Belgium (Tournai) and in France (Lille).

After 30 years in the business, Mr. Flinois sells its shares, and the company is renamed Colmant Cuvelier. Then he develops a unique know-how in the design and manufacturing of belts.

The first rubber coated fabrics appear in 1926 in the history of Colmant for the belt industry applications. Colmant Cuvelier understands the importance of acquiring a calendering line for the manufacturing of his rubber sheets and coated fabrics. Firstly dedicated to his own applications, Colmant Cuvelier began to apply its savoir-faire in the design and manufacturing of coated fabrics for :

  • Manufacturing and selling rubber fabrics for various applications such as hovercraft skirts and fuel flexible tanks.

Then, in 1987 Colmant Cuvelier sells its Belgium manufacturing site to Dunlop. And finally in 1990 Zuber Laederich group takes over the company.

As recently as 2010, Colmant Cuvelier board decides to focus on his core business by initiating the creation of a new company specialized in the design and manufacturing of coated fabrics and rubber sheets. The aim of this spin off is to give enough autonomy of action to the team in order to grow the business in the field of :

  • High added value and
  • Specialized technical textiles coated with polymers.

COLMANT COATED FABRICS – conceived and born as an independent company – will leverage the know-how gathered by Colmant Cuvelier during the past 100 years by bringing new solutions to the markets worldwide.