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Notre métier

-Our dedicated labor includes the process of guiding our customers into the defining the ideal rubber coated fabrics and rubber sheets . It includes also the proper development process that will lead to a “Specifications sheet”. This one could summarize the performance criteria for the coated fabric or rubber sheet they need. On this matter, we display a wide range of standard rubber coated fabrics especially developed for certain applications.

COLMANT COATED FABRICS work’s extends to the formulation of the right compound, according to regular and special conditions such as, but not limited to :

  • contact with corrosive substances,
  • exposure to a particular environment (extreme heat, cold, rain, etc.),
  • resistance to special situations (fire, flood, oil spill, etc.).

The match of the perfect compound and the adequate fabric is vital to construct a material with the correct endurance for heavy duty applications.

Either working on an existing compound already developed by COLMANT COATED FABRICS or developing the compound according to our client’s needs, our R&D department is capacitated to welcome new projects and to develop innovative solutions for any application.