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Démarche écologique

It is COLMANT COATED FABRICS’ concern to contribute actively to the protection of the environment thanks to our ecological policy. We do so by implementing a set of measures to limit and reduce our impact on the environment and our community.

COLMANT COATED FABRICS develops an Ecological Friendly policy of continuous improvement that leads us to higher efficiency levels and the reduction of our consumption and emission.


  • IMPROVE to diminish our ecological
  • TRAIN our staff to follow all consignments for respecting the environment.
  • RECYCLE in every possible way in order to contribute to environmental preservation.

For our customers concerned on the environmental protection, we are pleased to announce that Colmant Coated Fabrics practice an Environmental-Friendly Policy as part of our commitment with the community. We do so by proposing a product recycling service and a continuous processes optimization.