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rubber sheet for aeronautics-space

Colmant Coated Fabrics manufactures and markets high-quality rubber sheets and rubber-coated fabrics for the aerospace and aeronautics industries. We manufacture these technical elastomer-coated fabrics according to the requirements of the aerospace markets. As a calender of rubber sheets and fabrics, we pay particular attention to safety, quality and control of our entire design and manufacturing process.

Some grades of elastomers that we calender for aeronautics and aerospace: NBR (Nitrile rubber), NBR/PVC, ECO, ECO/NBR, CR (Neoprene rubber), FKM (Viton rubber), EPDM, silicone rubber.

Regarding textile supports, we work with polyamide, polyester, cotton, aramid and 3D fabric…

As an example, you use our rubber coated fabrics for the manufacture of on-board tanks in airplanes, helicopters or drones. These fabrics for tanks are light and have a controlled conductivity to guarantee a better quality.

With our technical fabrics and rubber sheets, you can manufacture for arenautics industries :

  • Lifting cushions for airplanes or helicopters (with multiwall/three-dimensional fabrics)
  • Shock and vibration absorbers
  • Anti-bogging mats
  • Storage tanks
  • Anti-crash tanks
  • Evacuation slides
  • Helicopter floats
  • Seals
  • Anti-vibration floor mats and sound absorbers
  • Flexible seals for satellites

Our Aromer® and Safyn® coated fabrics are available in the following thicknesses:

RAW (range mm)VULCANIZED (range mm)
Rubber sheet0,7 – 20,7 – 15
Coated fabric0,7 – 41,5 – 15

Our composite fabrics are coated on a choice of polyester, polyamide, aramid, anilox or pull cord to meet your mechanical constraints (from 100 dAN to 6200 dAN)

Our products can also be specially formulated to resist UV, ozone, aging or other environmental constraints

Then, our design office is at your disposal to assist you in the realization of rubber-coated sheets or fabrics according to your requirements and in compliance with international standards.

Do not hesitate to contact us.