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technical coated rubber for yachting

Colmant Coated Fabrics has conceived CSM(Hypalon®) & CR(Neoprene®) fabrics in a large variety of colors that allows our client to manufacture high tenacity ribs and inflatables for any application that should be deployed in water.

Colmant Coated Fabrics manufactures different coated fabrics used in various applications in the Yachting Industry:

  • Neoprene® or Hypalon® coated fabricused for the manufacturing of inflatable and pneumatic boats
  • Double wall rubber coated fabricused for the manufacturing of boat floors or inflatable boarding (pontoon).
  • Coated fabricsfor the manufacturing of water or fuel flexible tank.
  • Coated technical textilesfor the manufacturing of heavy duty floats and fenders.
  • Multidimensional coated fabrics for special inflatable applications.

We design and manufacture many “on demand” coated fabrics or rubber sheets for specific requirements concerning the fenders, oil booms, underwater lifting bags…