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Colmant Coated Fabrics conceives and manufactures a large range of rubber coated fabrics widely used in the production of oil booms and anti-flood inflatable devises. Our Safyn® coated Fabrics are considered as a premium quality coated fabrics when compared to PVC or PU. Safyn® coated fabrics detain a higher quality since they are reusable and they life-spam is considerably longer than PVC or PU coated fabrics.

Colmant Coated Fabrics proposes a unique service by delivering pre-manufactured oil booms in roll or in section so our clients can personalize a specific section with ballasts, inflation fittings. In this way, even if a client does not have the means to build-up an inflatable boom they will have access to high quality products for this market.

Safyn® is designed in order to resist to long-lasting contact with hydrocarbons and chemicals without being damaged. Colmant Coated Fabrics key is to use only the best quality elastomer so our clients could benefit from a superior product. Safyn® resists to most of hydrocarbons, acids and bases.

Exemples d’applications en tissu Safyn® :
  • Oil boom
  • anti-flood barriers
  •  automatic vacuum pockets
  • degassing membranes
  • inflatable flexible shutters
  • inflatable cylinders and seals
  • retention basins
  •  gasometers
  • ballast pockets
  • CBRN protection equipment and gear…