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Safyn ® is a polymer resistant to contact with hydrocarbons and acids. Consequently, a Safyn ® formulation is perfect for storing effluents or liquid waste (even if they contain hydrocarbons, acids or bases).

It is ideal for the manufacture of an inflatable anti-pollution boom*. This Safyn® elastomer-coated boom fabric is the top of the line in the coated fabric market. It performs better than PVC or PU coated fabrics. Safyn® fabric booms are reusable and have a longer life span than PVC booms. It is therefore an economic and ecological choice to which CCF is particularly committed.

Colmant Coated Fabrics designs and manufactures a wide range of rubber coated fabrics for use in the manufacture of anti-pollution and anti-flood inflatable booms.

Our Safyn rubber fabrics are highly flexible, soft, bend and tear resistant. Moreover, our fabrics are specifically designed to be UV, ozone and abrasion resistant as needed to meet your specifications.

Range of Safyn rubber fabrics:

RAW (range mm)VULCANIZED (range mm)
Rubber sheet0,7 – 20,7 – 15
Coated fabric0,7 – 41,5 – 15

Our design office offers to make custom coated fabrics (polyester, polyamide, aramid, weft or pull cord) to meet your mechanical constraints (from 100 dAN to 6200 dAN)

*For customers who wish to do so, we deliver sections of anti-pollution booms ready to be equipped (delivered in rolls or in sections including the waterproof flotation reserves). Thus, customers who do not have the necessary equipment to process and assemble our rubber-coated fabrics can access the high-end boom markets.

Exemples d’applications en tissu Safyn® :
  • Oil boom & anti-flood barriers
  •  automatic vacuum pockets
  • plugs
  • degassing membranes
  • retention basins
  •  gasometers
  • ballast pockets
  • lifting bags
  • nuclear membranes
  • pockets for gasometers
  • Hovercraft canvas (aeronautics)
  • Industrial safety parts
  • Floor mats for industrial vehicles
  • Flexible tank for hot water
  • Flexible tank for long term rain water
  • Robot protection cover for…