Glass. Continuous thread (Silicone), fiber (Glass). Rot-proof. Inextensible. Perfect stability. Do not burn. Loses 50% of its strength at 430 ° C. Softens at 815° C.

Silicone Rubbers are ideal for high and low temperature applications. Electrical properties are excellent and resistance to weathering and ozone attack is outstanding. It is not resistant to super-heated steam. Physical properties are generally low but are at least retained at higher temperatures. Gas permeability is very poor as is resistance to petroleum based fluids. Silicone rubbers are expensive in comparison to most other rubbers.

Food Quality/FDA compliant grades are available for use in the food and pharmaceutical industries

General Propertiesmin - max
Warp breaking strength100 - 200 daN/5cm
Weft breaking strength100 - 200 daN/5cm
Warp elongation at break1% - 4%
Weft elongation at break1% - 4%
Weight per sqmfrom 1350 gr/m2
ThicknessUpon request
Peeling strengthUpon request
Continuous Temperature-80 C° à 200C°
Point Temperature-80 C° à 220C°


Heat resistant
Acids resistance
UV resistance
Water resistance
Ozone Resistance
Electric isolation
Cold resistance
General Propertiesmin - max
Warp breaking strenght100 - 200 daN/5cm
Weft breaking strenght100 - 200 daN/5cm
Warp elongation at break1% - 4%
Weft elongation at break1% - 4%
Weight per sqm1000 - 1250
General Propertiesmin - max
Hardness ShA30 - 90 ShA
Hardness IRHD30 - 90 IRHD
Tensile Strength8 - 20
Elongation at break100% - 900%
Operating temperature
Continuous Temperature-80 C° - 200C°
Point Temperature-80 C° - 220C°
Solvent resistance
Acid resistance
oxygen ageing
Ozone ageing
light ageing
Cold ageing --
heat ageing --
Available colors :
Fireproofing option.
  • Industrial fabrics,
  • straps,
  • tarps,
  • tires,
  • rope,
  • clothing,
  • pharmaceuticals and food,
  • seals,
  • profiles termperatures extreme.

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