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technical coated rubber for defense

Colmant Coated Fabrics proposes a high range of technical rubber fabrics for the Defense industry applications.

Despite the fact that most of the projects in this sector are confidential and very specific, Colmant Coated Fabrics has a wide range of rubber coated fabrics, in service with the French Forces, for standard defense applications such as:

  • Nitrile coated fabric for the manufacturing of premium fuel collapsible tanks
  • Coated fabrics for the manufacturing of self-sealing and crashworthy fuel bladders
  • Coated fabrics for transportable and droppable collapsible tanks

Colmant Coated Fabrics despite its large range of standard rubber sheets proposes to meet your requirements upon receipt of your specifications.

Some of our products for Defense applications are:

  • Coated fabrics for the manufacture of fuel bladders for stocking or field deployment SEA homologated.
  • Coated fabrics for the manufacture of drinking water flexible tanks.
  • Coated fabrics for fuel distribution systems