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Exocet ® is our brand of rubber coated fabrics for specific needs in the boating world. Our range of boat fabric uses CR/CSM Hypalon ®, Neoprene ® coatings. Exocet® is a brand that is particularly resistant to UV, abrasion and high temperatures. Colmant Coated Fabrics designs and manufactures rubber coated technical fabrics and rubber or polymer sheets, specially designed for nautical applications such as :

  • Inflatable boats,
  • Hovercraft skirts,
  • Zodiacs,
  • Tenders and inflatable wings,
  • Flexible tanks
  • Protection buoys
  • Inflatable boats

Our composite rubber fabrics are designed from three-dimensional fabrics (dropstitch) allowing the manufacture of flexible floors for inflatable boats. The quality of the waterproofing of our formulations allows us to obtain a high quality floor and inflatable structure for inflatable boats. Our Exocet® technical fabrics are highly abrasion resistant and withstand high pressures. We also offer fabrics suitable for extreme conditions as on ice for example.

Our Exocet® technical fabrics are highly flexible, soft, bend and tear resistant. Their great advantage is their longer life than nautical fabrics using PU or PVC.

RAW (range mm)VULCANIZED (range mm)
Rubber sheet0,7 – 20,7 – 15
Coated fabric0,7 – 41,5 – 15

Our design office offers you the possibility to create technical fabrics made to measure (polyester, polyamide, aramid, weft or cord) to meet your mechanical constraints (from 100 dAN to 6200dAN)

Our products can also be specially formulated to resist UV, ozone, aging or other environmental constraints

We pay particular attention to the quality of our products; we test each production run according to ISO 37, 34, 36, 14 21, 2581 standards.