Info Covid-19: 100% Operational to feed your rubber sheets and coated fabrics needs



Colmant Coated Fabrics designs and produces rubber coated fabrics and elastomer sheets as well as composite materials specially conceived for aquatic environments (sea, river, lakes…).

Exocet® is our brand of coated fabrics and rubber sheets in CSM /CR (Hypalon® and Neoprene®) specially conceived for nautical applications.

Our Neoprene®/Hypalon® coated fabrics are among the premium quality range in the market for the manufacturing of inflatable and pneumatic boats, capable of surpassing the most demanding tests and specifications.

We produce tridimensional coated fabrics for the manufacture of inflatable gangways and safety paths for yachting industry. The high quality and airtightness of our formulation allow our clients to manufacture premium quality inflatable structures such as ribs for boats and canoes.