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Certifications et qualité

COLMANT COATED FABRICS understand the importance of maintain a high quality standard both in our rubber coated fabrics and rubber sheets and in our procedures.

Only the best combination of high-quality materials and the perfect know-how of procedures could give as result premium technical coated fabrics and elastomer sheets.

To respect the trust shown by our clients, we set in motion plans to control the quality at every stage of our manufacturing procedure.

The first stage of control starts at the arrival of the material into our site. Each batch is controlled to ensure the quality and standard that characterizes us.

The second control takes place under our calendering line. Each aspect of the product is constantly supervised so no flaws or imperfections could pass under our expert eyes.

The third control is set in motion in our specialized laboratory. Our R&D and quality team work together to verify that requested properties are achieved. Any material leaves our site without a first confirmation of the product’s conformity.

COLMANT COATED FABRICS is ISO 9001:2015 certified. We respect all consigns and work continuously to improve our procedures to offer only the highest quality product and the best service that characterizes us.